Madhavan V Nair

I’m 6yrs old.I love skating, cycling and dancing.


Won 3rd position in interschool skating competition.


  1. Ashok says:

    I love his skating skills

  2. Ashok says:

    I am proud of him for such a wonderful win.

  3. Bhawna says:

    Luv u darling, u r a CHAMPION. Keep it up.

  4. rohit says:

    Congrats hero, u r superstar Darling. keep it up

  5. Riya says:

    Congrats….. U did a fabulas work dear… Luv<3

  6. Narendra Negi says:

    Wonderful work beta…keep it up, god bless u.

  7. Binita Majumdar says:

    You are filled with spectacular skills.. did a wonderful job….. cheers for your talent…. loads of love ♥

  8. Arpita Majumdar says:

    Congrats love…. cheers for your achievement and fabulous talent..

  9. Binita Majumdar says:

    You are filled with spectacular skills…. did a wonderful job…. cheers for your fab talent..
    Loads of love ♥

  10. Beauty Pandey says:

    Congrats my baby…very good keep it up ,god bless u sweet heart.

  11. Sweety says:

    Congrats babby.. Keep it up.

  12. narender says:

    Kudos honey. .keep it up..cheers!!

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